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Friday, June 21, 2024

Smart HR | Mobile Products by Smartup

Easy-to-use and customizable cloud application for tracking and managing company employee leave.

Smart HR APP

Easy-to-use and customizable cloud application for managing and planning company employee leave.

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Smart HR is a light, customizable, and easy-to-use cloud application for effectively managing the company's employee leave calendar.

Employees can make leave requests through Smart HR. Managers monitor the requests of their teams, maintaining at all times a complete overview of the availability of human resources, as well as important dates such as holidays and company downtime. Approval of the permits is carried out without the need for time-consuming meetings and negotiations and monitoring of the applications' progress, both for the employees and the company becomes extremely easy, thus ensuring the minimum possible downtime for work.

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6 Reasons to manage leaves
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The employee can easily and quickly apply for leave (leisure or sickness), revoke leave requests, track the progress of requests and remaining vs total leaves in the calendar, and also get information about the current leaves of his colleagues.


The company can configure the team hierarchy, with supervisors approving the permissions of their subordinates. In addition, supervisors can block days in the calendar when their team members cannot take time off.


The company has full control over the staff, defining national or local holidays, as well as the days when work is not possible due to technical constraints (eg renovation) or based on the company's workload cycle and any special needs.


Management has the overview in the leave calendar of who is on leave and when, so that they can optimally organize all work based on manpower shortages.


Project managers can publish projects and decide which employees are involved in each one of them. The employees can declare their working hours for the projects so that managers can effectively monitor the effort expended.


The company can publish quickly and in an organized manner internal news and announcements concerning all employees.

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